“I just need some help, here.”

Is this you?

  • Struggling with low energy levels;
  • Feeling like something is missing or wrong;
  • Unable to understand why people are misunderstanding you;
  • Having problems with relationships at work, college or home;
  • Trying to work out what you really want to do in life;
  • Feeling ‘conflicted’ or ‘at war with yourself’?

Or even:

  • I'm loving it! (just not sure why this is working so well for me)

If you recognise one or more of those, Snapshot from Elaura could be a great first step towards helping yourself.


Snapshot allows even very large organisations to collect powerful, accurate data on the Motivations and Perceptions of all their employees, in a time and cost effective manner.

“So,” you ask: “why would I buy Snapshot for myself? Last time I checked, I’m not a ‘very large organisation’”.

The Birkman Method (TBM) is probably the most powerful insight available today, into human motivation and behaviour. Snapshot is the most affordable (yet powerful) version of TBM available, anywhere.

What do you get?

Buying this entry-level report for yourself, gives you:

  • the same TBM Questionnaire used in every version of TBM;
  • the same fast and accurate analysis of your responses;
  • a 12-page report comprising Areas of Interest (Motivation) and the Birkman Grid (Motivation, Self-Perception, Perception of Others and Stress Behaviours);
  • access to the Snapshot Online Guide, which helps you understand how to interpret your report;
  • and do it all at a fraction of the usual cost for a TBM report: now just US$29.99

So what?

Here are just some of the things people have said, using these reports:

  • This has changed my life; I feel a whole new person!

    Busy mother of 3, after reconnecting with an interest she last engaged with as a teenager, UK

  • Do you mean, I am not a bad person?

    Leader in an organisation with a very different profile from most of his co-leaders, USA

  • Are you using a crystal ball? How did you know I react like that?

    Marketing Professional, HK

  • I talk to my family much more, now.

    Student, Singapore

  • For the first time, I get it - why I actually need those other people who usually drive me mad!

    GM, Thailand

  • Now I see that data, no wonder I have been struggling.

    Manager, Australia

Now, while we can't promise that level of epiphany to every user (because you may already be in job that suits you down to the ground, for instance), we can promise you powerful insights that will help you manage yourself to be more engaged and better able to understand and manage your reactions to people and situations. Sounds good?

Other options you might consider (in ascending order of cost)

  • If you are still in education: hoozyu US$60
  • If you work in a large organisation: expresso US$88
  • If you want the standard Birkman Signature Report (with audio explanation, no Coaching): Signature from US$220
  • If you are looking for top level professional insight: Signature plus Perspectives, including two coaching conversations from US$1215

Need help?

For any sales questions please contact sales@elaura.com or for technical issues contact support@elaura.com.